Operation Fuego 1   7 - 8th January 2023

Fuego Campaign Map V1.jpg

Over 50,000 British emigrants settled in Chile in South America between 1840 and 1914.

The little Chilean town of Icalma near the Argentine border is so British, the locals are allowed to self-rule and fly the British flag in the square. They even jokingly refer to themselves as ALBION.

The Chilean government don’t care, as long as they pay their taxes to Santiago.

The mining community there have discovered Dysprosium, a rare earth mineral which has become increasingly valuable for use in EV (Electric Vehicle) motors.

An Argentinian gangster DIAZ noting the lack of interest from the Chilean capital, decides to expand the Argentinian border to encapsulate little Icalma. He employs the infamous Phoenix group headed by Mason Granger as his private army.

With such a large border to police, the Chilean government aren’t too bothered about such a small place inhabited by a few difficult and somewhat militant foreigners.

When the brothers of Albion don’t get the right response from the capital, they complain about the situation to the British government in London and after talks, Santiago allow their old ally to bring in an international force ( JTF ) to arrive to fight oppression and allow the population to remain as they were and wish to live (not as Argentinian mining slaves).

Secretly, the first world governments behind the JTF are interested in helping; they would like the dysprosium to secure an independent supply outside of China and secondly, it seems that Phoenix have themselves a Weapon of Mass Production that they will likely sell to the highest bidder.

As DIAZ’s vehicles roll over the Andes and assault Icalma, Operation Fuego signals the start of a new war for 2023 in a remote corner of South America, but one which will see long buried patriotism emerge on both sides, combined with personal greed and ambition, and underwritten by international proxy war power plays.

Operation Fuego 1 will be another adrenaline-fueled weekend of tactics, asymmetrical warfare and role-play and is to be the sixteenth game in this exciting Bad-To-The-Bone series.



Top and Bottom in matching camouflage – assault vests and chest rigs can be matching camo or solid green or tan – plate carriers ideal.
US and NATO SF weaponry such as M4, HK416/7, SCAR is ideal.
Headgear required – helmets, camo baseball caps or boonies only.
* multicam arid, alpine and black not acceptable.


Phoenix PMC
Top and bottom in solid colours such as green/olive drab, grey, black or tan.
Casual style – cargo or tactical trousers with fleece, T-shirt or soft-shell jacket, all solid colours – no jeans.
Boots to be tactical – no trainers.
Headgear – baseball caps only – must be plain colour not camo.
Plate carriers, chest rigs or assault vests.
Weapons can be eastern bloc or western, but think military or law enforcement – no gold AK’s.


Civilian clothes. This can be outdoor working clothes as might befit an off-duty miner who lives in an austere climate; jeans, tee shirts, lumber shirts etc. Think brighter colours; try to avoid black and olive green. Baseball caps with motivational and trademark logos are allowed, as well as woolly hats.
If you want to wear camo, please keep it limited to either trousers or a jacket – not both. DPM is a good choice, but really it doesn’t matter if you don’t have DPM.
Chest rigs or assault vests.
Weaponry can be anything available in gun shops, although old school is always good.
Civilian headgear required – Avoid looking like Phoenix with their solid colour baseball caps as often only heads can be seen and Phoenix have snipers.




A full ruleset will be sent to each player by e-mail once deposited but a simple overview with primary rules listed for game assessment is as follows:
Players must be 18 years of age or over - we may ask for proof.
Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
No Two Tone Weapons
Only Single Shot (semi-auto) should be used. Full auto is only allowed for real world LMG weapons. Weapons offering programmable bursts on a single trigger pull are allowed providing they fire no more than three BBs per trigger pull.
All weapons must fire within our standard limits (based on 0.2g ammo) which are:
<350 fps – All guns including hand carried support weapons
<370 fps – Fixed/mounted/deployed MGs
<420 fps – Single shot DMR (real world, not an M4 with a scope)
<500 fps – single shot Bolt Action (Electric should have a mosfet delay fitted)
Engagement range for qualified weapons over 350 fps is 30m.
Players are allowed to carry a maximum of 600 rounds loaded in magazines (low-caps and/or mid-caps only – no high-caps allowed) or a maximum of 1000 rounds loaded in a box magazine for an AEG support weapon. Box Magazines are only allowed if they are used on Support Weapons such as Minimi/M249/GPMG/M60 etc.
No more than 60 rounds should be loaded in each rifle magazine.
Players may carry up to 3 Pistol magazines on their person.
Pyro’s must not be thrown at a live target and players shouldn’t touch any pyro not owned by them.
ANY heavy cased pyro’s must be under arm rolled or dropped ONLY!
BB Claymore and powder mines must not be set up to hit above 3ft from the ground.
No homemade Pyro’s are allowed.
Mark 5 Thunderflash or Reusable grenades using 9mm blanks only.
Electrically activated maroons are allowed, when detonated by radio or pressure plates. Trip wires are not allowed. Pyro should be no larger than Mk3 for this. Areas where they are activated should be clearly marked by minefield cautions or “Danger” tape on stakes surrounding the area.
All players are allowed a single personal bandage which they should bring with them.
KILL RAGS will be supplied and used.
Use of radios is encouraged and radio nets will be maintained by the organiser. Players wishing to participate should bring a personal BaoFeng radio or similar.
YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BANDAGE (we will still supply a kill rag if you don't have one from previous games).