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About Okto Eight

Okto Eight is the phonetic for the number eight used when radio atmospherics turn to little more than mush. The number eight is key here, as the organiser creates up to eight-hour military simulation games involving Airsoft Replica Imitation Firearms, uniforms, movie role play and a fair smattering of smoke, props and things that go bang.

Total immersion is the watchword and Okto Eight Milsim engage their clients months before the action begins, with news reports and intelligence, building up to an action-packed climax.

Join in now, leave your day job and stress behind and become somebody else for a while. Take on the mantle of a money-hungry private contractor, indigenous forces or a NATO special forces operative.

This is a full weekend Milsim consisting of two daylight combat patrols lasting a total of 14-16 hours, where you will be immersed in our "Bad To The Bone" story-line, involved in the fight between good and evil at a number of locations.

Despite the 6-8 hour game period each day, this is not a skirmish and full milsim rules will apply.

Once started, combat is continuous, with no breaks. Participation requires involvement in the story and the studying of various forms of intel, particularly the SF role.

With around three events per year, the next game is never far away...

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